Newburgh Youth Basketball
Program & Contact Info
Current Season: 12/12/2015 to 3/15/2016
Registration: 8/19/2015 to 10/23/2015

2nd-3rd Boys

2nd & 3rd Grade Boys League Specific Rules
  1. The game will consist of four (4), eight (8) minute quarters. The only exception being the clock will stop for official time outs and on every whistle in the final three (3) minutes of the fourth quarter.
    1. The clock does not stop in over-time.
    2. The clock does not stop in final three (3) minutes of fourth quarter for games with a point difference of 15+ points.
  2. There will be five fouls per player.
  3. The team will shoot bonus shots on the 7th team foul each half with 2 shots on the 10th team foul.
  4. The ten second rule for getting the ball across the half court mark will be enforced.
  5. Defensive pressure can begin at the half-court line.
    1. The offensive player must be allowed to establish both the ball and himself across the half-court line prior to defensive pressure.
  6. There will be a five (5) second lane violation rule.
  7. Full court pressure is not allowed at any point during the game.
  8. A team will be given two (2) backcourt warning violations. The third will result in a one-shot technical foul.
  9. Game Ball Size:  – 28.5
  10. Games will be played on 9 foot goals.
  11. Each team must play a man-to-man defense in first 3 quarters. The 4th quarter will allow for either man-to-man or zone.
    1. Zone defense is only allowed within the 4th quarter.
    2. Zone defense cannot double team or trap a player with the ball outside the lane.
    3. A double team situation may only occur in a help defensive occurrence when the ball is driven into the lane.
  12. There will be free in-bounds in the backcourt including the front court to the volleyball line.
  13. Free substitutions in the 4th quarter, (if every player has played at least two (2) full quarters) no player can play four (4) quarters unless a team only has six (6) players or less present.
  14. Free-throw rebounding is as follows: The player may enter the lane once the shooter releases the ball.
  15. Each team will provide one (1) person per game to run the clock or keep the scorebook. The game will not start until each team provides one.
    1. The scorebook must be kept for points, fouls, team fouls and quarters played for each player.
  16. If a team is ahead by 15 points or more, score accumulation for the leading team will be suspended on the scoreboard only until the difference is less than 15.
    1. The official score will continue in the scorebook as normal.
  17. Fast-breaks will not be allowed for a team that is winning by a margin of 15 or more points. The defense must be allowed time to get back.
  18. Teams can double-team in the lane once the offensive player has driven by the original defender.
  19. Teams are encouraged to allow every player to bring the ball up the floor during each game.
  20. Players may choose to shoot free throws from either marked line on the floor but must shoot both free throws from the same distance.
  21. Teams will not be able to run a “Spread” offense sending 4 players to the outside corners and going 1-on-1 with one player.
  22. The General Rules for NYB also apply for this league.
  23. If a rule is not covered above, ISHAA rules will apply.