Newburgh Youth Basketball
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Current Season: 12/12/2015 to 3/15/2016
Registration: 8/19/2015 to 10/23/2015

6th-7th Boys

6th-7th Grade Boys League Specific Rules
  1. The game will consist of four (4), six (6) minute quarters.
  2. The clock will stop on all dead balls.
  3. There will be five fouls per player.
  4. The team will shoot bonus shots on the 7th team foul each half with 2 shots on the 10th team foul.
  5. Free throw distance will be 15 feet.
  6. There is no pressing during the first two (2) quarters of the game.
  7. Full court defense will be allowed in the second half providing a team is not up by more than 15 points.
  8. Once a player has entered the front court with the ball, they can be pressured all over the court. This includes situations where a loose ball enters the back court and is recovered by the offense. In this case, the defense can pressure the offense in the back court when possession is re-established.
  9. The ten second rule for getting the ball across the half court mark will be enforced.
  10. When a violation of the back court pressure occurs, the official will call the infraction (warning) and notify the scorer’s table and both benches. The ball will be given back to the offensive team out of bounds. After any combination of two (2) violations, the 3rd violation will result in a technical foul. The offensive team will be awarded two free throws and possession of the ball.
  11. There will be a five (5) second lane violation rule.
  12. The games will be played on 10 foot goals.
  13. Game Ball Size – 28.5
  14. The General Rules for NYB also apply for this league.
  15. If a rule is not covered above, ISHAA rules will apply.
(updated Nov. 6, 2015)