Newburgh Youth Basketball
Program & Contact Info
Current Season: 12/12/2015 to 3/15/2016
Registration: 8/19/2015 to 10/23/2015

K-garten & 1st Grade

Kindergarten & 1st Grade League Specific Rules
  1. All games will be played with the Jr. size ball (27.0”).
  2. Each team will have a 20 minute practice time followed by the game.
  3. All games will be four (4), 7:00 minute quarters with a running clock.
  4. There will be no time outs except for injury
  5. There will be no half-time. 
  6. The basket height will be 8 feet.
  7. Score will not be kept.
  8. All players will play two (2) full, uninterrupted quarters.
  9. Teams will play man-to-man defense. Colored wrist bands will be used.
  10. No double teaming.
  11. No stealing on dribble or pass.
  12. Fast breaks are not allowed.
  13. No referees. 
  14. Two coaches per team are allowed on the court to instruct players during games.
  15. The General Rules for NYB also apply for this league.